ATIEL Code of Practice Issue 22

Published on October 26th 2021.

The ATIEL Code of Practice has been in operation since 1996 and has made a significant contribution to testing and product quality levels for engine lubricants. The Code is available to all companies on a voluntary basis and nothing in the Code forms part of a contract.

ATIEL published the 22nd Issue of the Code of Practice in October 2021
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ATIEL Code of Practice Issue 21

Published on May 1st 2019.

This Code of Practice  has  been  devised  by  ATIEL  on  behalf  of  the  European  engine  lubricants industry, including  developers, marketers or manufacturers of lubricants and forms an integral part of the  European  Engine  Lubricants  Quality  Management  System,  EELQMS.

It is intended  to  aid continuous improvement in the development of engine lubricants and the consistency and validity of performance claims made for them.

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